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Monday, July 1, 2013

Dexter Season 8, Episode 1 review: A Beautiful Day

All the seasons of Dexter starts in September last week or first week of October but this season is an early bird maybe the makers are planning for surprises for Series finale. It is the continuation of trauma endured by the characters in the last season of this crime-thriller. It peels out various layers of relationships between the lead characters and takes it to an all new level.

Six months after Maria LaGuerta’s death Dexter is living life midst a new spirit with his casual sex with new friends(I think stripper’s), back with his bowling team “Bowl ‘Till You Bleed” and coaching his son Harrison’s soccer team to championship. Harrison is bigger as he talks, runs and asks questions. Debra is missing from the office space and is not visible on her friend’s radar. Angel Batista is finding it difficult to cope with death of Maria LaGuerta and finds himself custodian of her household items. Joey Quinn and Jamie Batista are having sex like some horny teenagers or better dogs. Vince Masuka continues to live with his filthy talk and lab.

Later we see Deter breaking to Debra’s house and finds Xanax, Paxil and Adderall from prescriptions of different doctors and pot. He tracks her down to a private investigation agency ALWAY and is told about Andrew Briggs. He is a thief who stole jewelry worth half a million and is now a case for Debra as she snorts cocaine and has sex with him; this shows us her desperation for a relationship. Dexter confronts Debra and she yells out all the frustration but Briggs interferes making it come to an end.

“We both chose murder. Maybe we are both a little crazy.”

“What did you do?”
“…you didn’t belong with him.”
“Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Will you fucing go? Will you go!? PLEASE go!”
“I came here to save you!”
“Deb, look at yourself. You’re lost.”
“I am not lost. I know exactly where I am. I am in some shitty fucking hell, which is exactly what I deserve! YOU are lost.”

“Aren’t you the one that’s always saying ‘bad people deserve to die’?”

“Debra was right. I was wrong. It’s me who’s lost.”

Dexter shows a new emotion of Anger and Denial as he picks up an argument with the person who cut his vehicle on road only to be calmed by the guy’s son on back seat. Dexter is shown fighting with his temper when Harrison visits his workplace and breaks a red vase of Maria LaGuerta given to him by Angel Batista; he shouts at him and seconds later repent showing his unawareness.

Later Dexter understands of a meeting between Briggs and a buyer El Sapo from Quinn as Debra phones and informs him for details. Dexter meanwhile does a check on El Sapo and comes to know that his name is Javier Guzman and is a Hitman hired by the mob whose jewelry was stolen by Briggs. He takes Harrison and goes to find Debra and explain but all in vain as Briggs comes in between wherein a fight ensures he is knife stabbed and killed by Dexter. Cops arrive and register for homicide and Debra reports to ALWAY claiming she may know the jewelry location but all of these is seen by Javier Guzman in background.

In midst of all a new character is introduced and a new psychopath. A mechanic is killed and his brain is sliced from Parietal to Occipital with back of cranium removed with melon baller. Miami Metro brings in Dr. Evelyn Vogel (portrayed by Charlotte Rampling) an expert  Neuropsychiatrist and author about serial killers. Dr. Evelyn Vogel specializes on serial killers, and she’s quickly on to Bay Harbor Butcher and Dexter. She explains the removal of cranium to be a move to dispel empathy name of serial killer to be The Brain Surgeon. Dexter smells foul about her from the start but confirms his fear when she hands him few crayon drawings of Dexter as a child of people being murdered. Dexter intimidates her but she is confident that Dexter won’t harm her as he follows Harry’s code.

Rating - *** (Good)
Thus start of this season was pretty good with new cases and mysteries left to unravel.

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