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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ultimate Avengers

I was watching Ultimates from where avengers the 2012 blockbuster is made with a little change in script.I liked the story and the 74 minute animation and liked to showcase what I thought of the movie.

It starts  with Captain America or Steve Rogers trying to attack and guide his men into the Nazi camp. He meets Herr Kleiser the shape shifter and belonged to Chitauri race but he has taken form of a SS officer. Captain America fights with him and stops the missile from launch by putting a grenade in it and destroying the nuclear missile with the spaceships covering it and kleiser. But even he faces the impact and soon falls of in waters of  North Atlantic and thought to be dead .

Nick furry and his team find Captain America and is taken to the lab. Dr. Bruce Banner and his ex-girlfriend Dr.Betty Ross has a mission to recreate the super soldier serum which stopped the Nazi’s and Chitauri. Captain America attacks the scientist and Nick while trying to escape only to find himself in the present day which is different from the time he last saw the world. He is confronted by Nick Fury.

Meanwhile Chitauri attacks a S.H.I.E.L.D satellite which was to keep track of Chitauri spaceships. This kills 3 astronauts due to which project avengers is implemented by Nick’s superiors.
Project avengers- a team of mixed superheroes trying to save the planet.

Nick faces an opposition to manage a team with so much diverse members and that to only in a limited time. 
He meets Ant man/Hank Pym and his wife Wasp/Janet but Nick invites Wasp for joining S.H.I.E.L.D and says Hank Pym as a pretentious lab jockey. He sees Hank’s Giant man experiment and is convinced about his importance in this fight.Natalia Romanov or black widow gets a message about iron man trying to save an airliner and wants to track him and convince. Iron man is least bothered and says that he works alone.


Captain America visits Barnes and finds he marries his sweetheart but she doesn’t  talk to each other.
Thor the Norse God of thunder is finally paid a visit who says that he is not interested in the war of man.
During the team meeting it is informed that Captain America will be the leader and
Iron man joins . It is learnt that the nuclear missile which the Nazi’s had was made by Chitauri’s help; Nick says that they are still in earth and move in 3 ships. S.H.I.E.L.D was finally able to track them as the Nazi warhead was destroyed by Captain America, Chitauri’s ship was damaged and the aliens did not came back to take the wreckage.

Nick says that this element absorbs energy like a sponge and is named Vibranium ; only Vibranium can penetrate this. As only a small amount was received it is not possible to fight against them with earthly weapons.

A Chitauri  alien breaches a S.H.I.E.L.D  high facility zone and kills everyone in his sight. Nick tells the team that they might be after the S.H.I.E.L.D satellites. He locks himself and activates the defense system in central hub which cannot be deactivated. Nick tells Captain America that he wants that Chitauri delivered to him and gives him a round shield made of  Vibranium. The alien downloads everything from blueprints to missile designs. Captain America gives everyone a position with Giant man to stay outside and watch; this frustrates giant man .

 Wasp is injured and Iron man goes to help her against Captain America’s command and is put down by bullets and missiles in the hub. Chitauri alien blasts the area and Giant man is down as he was not guarding his post instead was trying to help Wasp. Captain America takes of  Iron man’s mask and reveals to the team that it is Tony Stark who is Iron man.

Nick gets disappointed  by the teams attempt and says that they deviated from the plan. Giant man is pointed and is fired so he and Wasp leaves, Iron man gets unhappy and Captain America surrender his shield back to Nick and moves.Nick tells Dr. Bruce Banner to show him his work on super serum for 12 candidates but when Betty Ross and Nick sees his work its test on his blood as he tries to control Hulk with the serums help.

Bruce gets in the chamber and applies the smoke to himself  to become Hulk; he shows a controlled Hulk to Betty. Meanwhile as the war with Chitauri and S.H.I.E.L.D  begin and S.H.I.E.L.D  airships are torn down. Black widow and Nick fights against them while Betty is guarded by Hulk.An aggressive Captain America is grabbed by Hulk as he says it’s his fight and to stay out of it. Hulk brings down a Chitauri ship single hand and attacks other ground Chitauri fighters. Iron man, Giant man and Wasp join the team for the fight. Iron man and Giant man destroys the second space ship.

 Thor arrives bringing the third ship down. But Hulk grows out of control causing rampage and hitting Captain America. He breaks Giant man’s knee and thrashes him and Wasp. Thor and Hulk fight off with Thor hitting him with hammer and Hulk going bare hands. Betty informs that Hulk won’t stop until everyone is killed so Captain America asks for Bruce’s medication which should be  at least 20 times for Hulk. Giant man, Wasp, Iron man, Captain America, Black widow and Nick tries to stop him for no avail. Betty gives Captain America the dose which he is unable to shoot and is finally injected by Black widow. Betty calms hulk so that the sedative doesn’t burn him.

Finally Dr. Bruce Banner is in compartment while Steve is visited by his friends. At the success party Captain America is cheered by all including Tony Stark, Thor, Hank Pym, Janet and Natalia Romanov. Steve and Natasha share a kiss and seen by Nick who salutes Steve and is invited by him to join the celebration.
Finally the newspaper headline titled Avengers is shown.


Character Name
Justin Gross
  Captain America
Steve Rogers
Marc Worden
  Iron Man
Tony Stark
Andre Ware
General Nick Fury

Grey DeLisle
Janet Van Dyne-Pym
Nolan North
 Ant man/Giant Man
Hank Pym
Dave Boat

Olivia D'Abo
 Black Widow
Natalia Romanov
Fred Tatasciore
The Hulk

Michael Massee
Dr. Bruce Banner

Nan McNamara
Dr. Betty Ross

Jim Ward
Herr Kleiser

1) Hulk picking Thor’s hammer and hitting him with the same was a moment where you are told about Hulk’s strength.
2) When we see stubble faced Bruce as we are convinced about the disaster his life is going through with controlling Hulk.
3) When Steve tells him about his importance as a man of science for this fight Bruce replies that he wants to control Hulk and fight for humanity.
4) Betty calming Hulk.
5) Kleiser turning into a Chitauri.
6) When in hospital Barnes coming with his wife to meet Steve .
7) Captain America thrashing security guards and moving out of S.H.I.E.L.D .
8) Black Widow and Captain America’s relationship.
9) Iron man being revealed as Tony Stark.
10) Giant man being careless by saying “who is this chick with hammer ?” and being violent when Wasp is down by blast in their first mission as a team.
11) The nuclear missile being obliterated by grenade in hands of Captain America.

My say-
This gives a clear picture about various characters like Hulk and Captain America.the movie had Hwakeye and Loki which Ultimates does not have. But here there is Giant man and Wasp; except that there is story line and a convincing plot.
You just can’t compare the movie and this animation but I will give this a upper hand.

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  1. So funny, I was just watching this movie last night and the next day you sent me the link to this article. I agree. There are some script differences of course, but yes, plenty of similarities.