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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Avengers 2

This article is about Ultimate Avengers -2 Rise of  the Panther

If you have seen Ultimate Avengers then you ought to see the second part as it is the continuation of the fight with Chitauri  race and the end of the same.

Synopsis -
the movie starts with Chitauri aliens attacking few spearmen of  Wakanda.  T'Challa returns from a foreign land after his education and is hated by elders. 


T'Challa’s father T'Chaka dons the Black Panther attire and goes to fight against them but is killed by Herr Kleiser as he tries to save his son. After falling from a gorge he dies but Herr Kleiser doesn’t .

 T’Challa is handed over the reigns and he discovers articles about  Captain America  and Herr Kleiser.


Captain America/Steve Rogers is fighting against some masked men and he has a vision about his encounter with Herr Kleiser. Black Widow/Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova joins with her team and tells her concern as he didn’t ask for backup. 

Nick Furry meets Steve Rogers and tells him to leave the past and to clear the mess in his life. 

Bruce Banner/The Hulk is locked up in a chamber and is examined by Dr. Oiler so as to know when during the fight he lost his control of  Hulk; this is shown with a television.

 His chamber is gassed with sedative after his request to meet Betty Ross and refusal to answer. Steve  has dream about his successful destruction of  Nazi missile, his extraction from ice by S.H.I.E.L.D. and also about the graves he visited of his friends.


 T’Challa dons the Black Panther suit  and attacks him but is overpowered by Steve and S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers. T’Challa tells them that he wants to kill Herr Kleiser as he killed his father. Nick Furry replies to him to open the borders of  his kingdom as he will need Avengers help but he doesn’t obey; Nick assembles the team Avengers.

In Pym industries Hank Pym/Ant Man/Giant Man  experiments on his Giant Man suit to heighten his body level to 60 feet but due to muscular tissue fluctuation’s he experiences pain.


Wasp/Janet tells him to focus on other parts of project but he argues saying he won’t be a 2-inch superhero and leaves the room meanwhile  Tony Stark/Iron Man prepares for the team meet. 


Thor has a vision in which he sees Avengers being killed in a fight. Betty examines the area where fight occurred in previous installment and questions as what made the  vibranium hull brittle. Betty meets Bruce and tells to him about the brittleness in hull and that Chitauri never left earth.


During the team meet Nick tells to them that Herr Kleiser was Chitauri shapeshifter and super soldier. In other briefing he tells about Wakanda and assigns the team responsibility to Black Widow.



The team arrives in Wakanda and during their mission Captain America has visions of  how he killed Herr Kleiser first time. 

 Black Panther arrives and warns them to leave but Captain America convinces him about the need to kill Herr Kleiser.While on the run Captain America sees a Chitauri spaceship and knows that it was shotdown in 1942.


On other hand Wakanda’s soldier attacks the rest of the team Avengers and they fight.In “hall of the kings” Black Panther tells to captain America about the arrival of Chitauri during the reign of his grandfather Azzari the wise. 



Wakanda wanted peace but Herr Kleiser their leader didn’t want peace but war with lifeblood of their land which is also called as “Heart of Wakanda”. After the war which Wakandians won they became paranoid and trespassers were not considered friendly. Nakinda informs about intruders but is shocked to see Captain America with Black Panther.


Giant Man is shot down with poison arrows and Iron Man’s suit damaged by spears .Black Panther intervenes when they try to attack Black Widow and tells to everyone that he invited Avengers in Wakanda. Black Panther offers medical help to Giant Man if they left Wakanda and warns that if they return they will be killed.


Thor asks guidance from his father to know more about the vision he had; his father tells him about the spacecraft about to attack Earth and Avengers and tells him not to fall in the affairs of man but Thor doesn’t follow. Nick meets Betty as she informs about a block of  vibranium she found from the ship and shows about its feature to absorb energy.

Bruce watches the video of destruction and he gets answers to the brittleness of hull and request to meet Betty but is sedated. While examining from spacecraft Captain america finds a Chitauri  and goes after that ; this causes a war of words between Hank and Janet.


 Nakinda and elders charge T’Challa of  breaking Wakanda’s law and removes him from throne.T’Challa sees a Chitauri from the verandah  and goes after it. Captain America following the Chitauri meets with Black Panther  who insists on going with Captain America on spacecraft as he wants to extract answers from the alien.

Thor informs Nick about danger in the northern sky which is a spacecraft of  Chitauri. A Chitauri alien  Herr Kleiser shapeshifted to be Black panther and attacks team on spacecraft. 

He leaves but the spacecraft is  burned by the Chitauri spaceship in outer sky which is watched by Nick Furry and Thor ( he sees his vision being fulfilled); Thor helps the team by bringing them safely to base.


An energy field covers from North Africa which goes on covering the planet. Tony Stark goes for the War-machine/Tractor armor  as his ironman suit  6.7 is damaged.


Bruce informs to Betty that it is gamma radiation from Hulk which causes brittleness to in hull and tells about a gamma radiator in his lab. Janet is in comma and Hank stays by her side apologizing for his mistakes;Captain America comes in and an argument starts between him and Hank. 


Chitauri attacks Wakanda and rest of planet and a war begins between them and man. T’Challa contacts Nick and reveals to them that Chitauri needs Vibranium which is in Wakanda beyond ones limit. Vibranium in its unrefined state can be modified into any weapon of use and thus protects Wakanda but if they gets to it then Wakanda will fall.

 Herr Kleiser understands that they were using Chitauri’s technology to fight against them and attacks heart of  Wakanda. Thor arrives with Avengers and Black Panther joins them but is seen by Herr Kleiser


Chitauri attacks Avengers and the battle erupts; Odin interferes as to leave the battle but Thor replies that he won’t abandon humanity. Iron Man is attacked but Thor helps him and the other Avenger members fight while Herr Kleiser and Captain America fight arm to arm. 

 Janet wakes up from comma to see planet being under attack and Betty examines with gamma radiator to find that it works with vibranium and breaks it. Chitauri alien attacks S.H.I.E.L.D  base while Janet fights off and they go to Bruce’s chamber which doesn’t open with their weapon . 



 Dr. Oiler who is in charge tells Chitauri that he cannot open the chamber but can kill him by increasing the sedative dose and the doctor is killed eventually. Betty and Wasp attacks and kills the Chitauri aliens but they find Bruce on ground apologizing for hurting her and admitting his love for her. 


Nick is injured in his clash and the soldiers of  Wakanda strive hard against the Chitauri. Iron Man is given the responsibility of  taking the gamma radiator while Giant Man helps him by shrinking thou his muscles tear apart and Wasp shows her concern.


Thor helps in their mission to break into the canyon but is knocked down and Iron Man fights with Chitauri inside the spacecraft. Herr Kleiser match with Black Panther and Captain America in which Black Panther assumes the Panther face and continues his fight. 


Tearing Herr Kleiser into pieces but he comes back by rejoining; Black Panther makes a plan and asks for help from Captain America. Hulk rises breaking Chitauri aliens in S.H.I.E.L.D base. 


 Herr Kleiser turns into his true shape and is trapped on ground while Giant Man attacks Chitauri aliens and Iron Man uses gamma radiator to cover the core but the gamma tank becomes empty so he throws it to the core which absorbs the tank  breaking the spacecraft and other Chitauri aliens . 


Iron Man and Giant Man fall off to ground killing Giant Man/Hank seeing which saddens Wasp/Janet .Deflecting the falling spacecraft ironman drops to ground but is brought back to life by Thor. 


Nakinda and elders bow before Black Panther and he order to bury Herr Kleiser. Hulk watches the team’s arrival from rooftop in S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters.




In the party Janet and Betty are consoled by Tony whereas Steve and Natalia goes ahead with their relationship and kisses.


Character Name
Justin Gross
Captain America
Steve Rogers
Marc Worden
Iron Man
Tony Stark
Andre Ware
General Nick Furry
Grey DeLisle                           
Janet Van Dyne-Pym
Nolan North
Ant man/Giant Man
Hank Pym
Dave Boat 

Olivia D'Abo 
Black Widow
Natalia Romanov
Fred Tatasciore
The Hulk
Michael Massee
Dr. Bruce Banner

James K. Ward
Herr Kleiser
Nan McNamara
Dr. Betty Ross

Jeffery D. Sams
Black Panther
T' Challa
Dwight Schultz

 Mark Hamill
Dr. Oiler

Dave Fennoy
Black Panther
Susan Dalian

Kendre Berry
Young Prince T'Challa

Chi McBride
Chief Elder

Moments -
1) Wakanda in its beauty.
2) Panther’s fight and Wakanda’s secrets.
3) Captain America revealing that he has killed Herr Kleiser twice (showing that in the movie).
4) Captain America dealing with his new job in a new world and different ambiance. 
5) Captain America’s relationship with Black Widow.
6) Hank’s ego clash with Janet .
7) Nick furry “Widow will be leader of the team” ,Hank replies “demoted: so that does make him private America”
8) Bruce knowing  the truth that the amount of  damage gamma can do against Vibranium.
9)Thor’s love for humans and Avengers.
10) Iron Man’s new suit in climax.
11) Hank’s  death.

My Rating-
Thou it will be hard for one to understand this movie if you haven’t seen the prequel but still you can enjoy it. New characters are seen and they are depicted well.
There are many flaws in the movie too.
But the movie is too violent so it should not be seen with kids.

Screenshots in different languages Arabic, Spanish and more

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