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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 10 actors who never won an Oscar

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They are versatile enough to play any role that is given to them and have already bagged many major awards except the Golden Knight. Their track record at box-office and popularity with media, critics and audiences may help them for an Academy’s nod in future but as for now they are not recognized or blessed with an Oscar.

10) Tom Cruise -is an American film actor and producer

Year’s active-1981-present

Record till now - 0-3

Shot to fame - As Joel Goodsen in ‘Risky Buisness’ (1983)

Notable movies   'The Color of Money’ (1986), ‘Rain Man’ (1988),’ Born on the Fourth of July’ (1989),’ Days of Thunder’ (1990), ‘A Few Good Men’ (1992),Jerry Maguire’ (1996),Magnolia’ (1999),’Vanilla Sky’ (2001), ‘Minority Report’ (2002), ‘The Last Samurai’ (2003), ‘Collateral’ (2004), and ‘War of the Worlds’ (2005). He never got an Oscar for any of these movies though he was nominated 3 times; as of 2012 he is the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Oscar nominations

Best Supporting Actor

1999 – As Frank T.J. Mackey in Magnolia – lost to Michael Caine as Dr. Wilbur Larch in The Cider House Rules

Best Actor

1989 – As Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July – lost to Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown in My Left Foot

1996 – As Jerry Maguire in Jerry Maguire – lost to Geoffrey Rush as David Helfgott in Shine

9) Richard Burton – was an Welsh actor

Year’s active – 1944-84

Record till now – 0-7

Shot to fame – As "Tammy" MacRoberts in The Desert Rats’ (1953)

Notable movies - ‘The Robe’ (1953), ‘Look Back in Anger’ (1958), ‘Cleopatra’ (1963), ‘The Night of the Iguana’ (1964), ‘The Spy Who Came in From the Cold’ (1965),  ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’  (1966), ‘Where Eagles Dare’ (1968), ‘Equus’ (1977), ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ (1984).From 1982 he and Peter O’Toole shared the same number of nominations without winning an Oscar (7) till latter won in 2003. He was one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood in his time.


Oscar nominations-

Best Supporting Actor

1952 – As Philip Ashley in My Cousin Rachel – lost to Anthony Quinn as Eufemio Zapata in Viva Zapata!

Best Actor

1953 – As Marcellus Gallio in The Robe– lost to William Holdens as Sgt.J.J. Sefton in Stalag 17

1964 – As Thomas Becket in Becket– lost to Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady

1965 – As Alec Leamas in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold– lost to Lee Marvin as Kid Shelleen Tim Strawn in Cat Ballou

1966 – As George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – lost to Paul Scofield as Sir Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons

1969 – As King Henry VIII of England in Anne of the Thousand Days – lost to John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit

1977 – As Martin Dysart in Equus – lost to Richard Dreyfuss as Elliot Garfield in The Goodbye Girl
 8) Albert Finney - is an English actor

Year’s active – 1958- present

Record till now – 0-5

Shot to fame – As Arthur Seaton in 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning' (1960)

Notable movies – ‘Tom Jones’ (1963,)Murder on the Orient Express(1974),Shoot the Moon(1982),The Dresser(1983),Under the Volcano(1984) and ‘Big Fish(2003) . He has been nominated for two Tony Awards, both for Best Actor in a Play, for Luther in 1964, and A Day in the Death of Joe Egg in 1968 for his Broadway work.

Oscar nominations

Best Supporting Actor

2000 – As Edward L. Masry in Erin Brockovich – lost to Benecio del Toro as Javier Rodriguez in Traffic

Best Actor

1963 – As Tom Jones in Tom Jones – lost to Sidney Poitier as Homer Smith in Lilies of the Field

1974 – As Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express – lost to Art Carney as Harry Coombes in Harry and Tonto

1983 – As Sir in The Dresser – lost to Robert Duvall as Mac Sledge in Tender Mercies

1984 – As Geoffrey Firmin in Under the Volcano – lost to F. Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus

7) Julianne Moore – is a British-American actress and children’s book author

Year’s active – 1983 – present

Record till now – 0-4

Shot to fame –as Marian Wyman inShortcuts’ (1993)

Notable movies -  ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle(1992),'Short Cuts’ (1993),’Nine Months(1995),Assassins’ (1995),Boogie Nights(1997),The Big Lebowski’ (1998), ‘Magnolia’ (1999), ‘Hannibal’ (2001),The Forgotten’ (2004),The End of the Affair’ (1999), ‘Far From Heaven’ (2002),The Hours’ (2002),’The Kids Are All Right’ (2010), ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love(2011). In October 2007, she made her literary debut with a children's book illustrated by LeUyen Pham by the name of Freckleface Strawberry.

Oscar nominations 

Best Supporting Actress

1997 – As Amber Waves in Boogie Nights – lost to Kim Basinger as Lynn Bracken in L.A.Confdential

2002 – As Laura Brown in The Hours – lost to Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly in Chicago

Best Actress

1999 – As Sarah Miles in The End of the Affair– lost to Hilary Swank as Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t Cry

2002 – As Cathy Whitaker in Far from Heaven– lost to Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf in The Hours

6) Cary Grant – was an English-born American film actor

Year’s active - 1932–1966

Record till now – 0-2

Shot to fame – as Stephen in ‘This is the Night’ (1932)

Notable movies -  ‘The Awful Truth (1937), Bringing Up Baby (1938), Gunga Din’ (1939),The Philadelphia Story (1940), His Girl Friday (1940), Arsenic and Old Lace (1944), Notorious (1946),To Catch A Thief (1955), An Affair to Remember (1957), North by Northwest (1959) and Charade (1963). Grant was named the second Greatest Male Star of All Time by the American Film Institute (AFI).

Oscar nominations

Best Actor

1941 – As Roger Adams in Penny Serenade – lost to Gary Cooper as Alvin C. York in Sergeant York

1944 – As Ernie Mott in None but the Lonely Heart – lost to Bing Crosby as Father Chuck O’Malley in Going My Way

5) Edward Norton – is an American actor, screenwriter, film director and producer

Year’s active – 1993 - present

Record till now – 0-2

Shot to fame – As Aaron Stampler in Primal Fear (1996)

Notable movies -  ‘Fight Club (1999), 25th Hour (2002), Red Dragon (2002), The Illusionist (2006), The Incredible Hulk (2008), and The Bourne Legacy (2012). He had an unaccredited work in script for the movie The Incredible Hulk. In his very first movie he was nominated for an Oscar but unfortunately he lost to Cuba Gooding Jr.; but in this short span of time he has grabbed eyeballs for his matured performances and hopefully will win an Academy soon.

Oscar nominations 

Best Supporting Actor   
1996 – As Aaron Stampler in Primal Fear – lost to Cuba Gooding Jr. as Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire

Best Actor

1998 – As Derek Vinyard in American History X – lost to Roberto Benigni as Guido Orefice in Life is Beautiful.

4) Leonardo DiCaprio – is an American actor and film producer

Year’s active – 1989-present

Record till now – 0-3

Shot to fame - as Tobias 'Toby' Wolff in This Boy's Life (1993)

Notable movies -  ‘What's Eating Gilbert Grape’ (1993),‘The Basketball Diaries (1995) , Marvin's Room (1996),Romeo + Juliet (1996), Catch Me If You Can (2002), Gangs of New York (2002), The Aviator (2004), Blood Diamond (2006), The Departed (2006), Revolutionary Road (2008), ‘Shutter Island (2010), Inception (2010) . He never got a nomination for ‘Titanic’ though there was a nomination in Golden Globes but still could not win it. In November 2010 he donated $1,000,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society at Russia's tiger summit for which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin described him as a "muzhik" or "real man".

Oscar nominations 

Best Supporting Actor      

1993 – As Arnie Grape in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – lost to Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive

Best Actor

2004 – As Howard Hughes in The Aviator – lost to Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles in Ray

2006 – As Danny Archer in Blood Diamond – lost to Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland

3) Robert Downey, Jr. – is an American actor

Year’s active1970–present

Record till now – 0-2

Shot to fame – as Jack JerichoThe Pick-up Artist’ (1987)

Notable movies - 'Less Than Zero' (1987), 'Chaplin' (1992), Richard III' (1995), 'The Singing Detective' (2003), 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' (2005), 'A Scanner Darkly' (2006), 'Zodiac' (2007),  'Iron Man' (2008), 'Tropic Thunder' (2008), ‘Sherlock Holmes(2009) and The Avengers(2012). He made his screen debut at the age of five in movie Pound (directed and written by his father Robert Downey, Sr.)

Oscar nominations –

Best Supporting Actor     
2007 –As Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder – lost to Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

Best Actor

1992As Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin lost to Al Pacino as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman

2) Peter O'Toole - is an Irish actor of stage and screen

 Year’s active- 1954-2012

Record till now - 0-8 though he got an honorary award in 2003 presented by Meryl Streep (has
Most nominations by an actress 17)

Shot to fame- as T.E. Lawrence in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ (1962)

Notable movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ (1962) , ‘Becket’ (1964) , ‘Night of the Generals’ (1967) , ‘The Lion in Winter’ (1968) , ‘Goodbye, Mr. Chips’ (1969) , ‘The Ruling Class’ (1972) , ‘The Stunt Man’ (1980) , ‘My Favorite Year’ (1982) , ‘The Last Emperor’ (1987) , ‘Venus’ (2006) . In 2003 when the Academy informed him of an honorary award he said that "Still in the game and would like more time to win the lovely bugger outright." But the Academy informed that they will confer the award if he wants or not.

Oscar nominations

Best Actor

1962 – As T.E. Laurence in Laurence of Arabia – lost to Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill a  Mocking Bird

1964 – As Becket in King Henry II – lost to Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady

1968 – As King Henry II in The Lion in Winter – lost to Cliff Robertson as Charly Gordon in Charly

1969 – As Arthur Chipping in Goodbye, Mr. Chips – lost to John Wayne as Marshal Reuben J. Cogburn in True Grit

1972 – As Jack Gurney in The Ruling Class – lost to Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather

1980 – As Eli Cross in The Stunt Man – lost to Robert De Niro as Jack LaMotta in Raging Bull

1982 – As Alan Swann in My Favorite Year – lost to Ben Kingsley as Mohandas Gandhi in Gandhi

2006 – As Maurice in Venus – lost to Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland

1) Johnny Deppis an American actor, producer and musician

Year’s active – 1984 - present

Record till now – 0-3

Shot to fame - as Officer Thomas Hanson on FOX's 21 Jump Street’ (1987-1990)

Notable moviesSleepy Hollow (1999), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Rango (2011) and the Pirates of the Caribbean film series (2003–present). He has been named as "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine in 2003 and 2009. He has been listed in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actor in world cinema with a salary of $75 million.

Oscar nominations 

Best Actor

2003 – As Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean’ – lost to Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum in ‘Mystic River’

2004 – As Sir James Mathew Barrie in ‘Finding Neverland’ – lost to Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles in ‘Ray’

2007 – As Sweeney Todd in ‘Sweeney Todd’ – lost to Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview in ‘There Will be Blood’

There are many other actors with immense talent and were nominated but could not grab the Golden Statuette here Wishi'n them LUCK!!! for next Oscar (as luck is the only factor which they seem to be lacking now) :-

Will Smith – 0-2 (for Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness) - Best Actor

Matt Damon – 0-2 (for Good Will Hunting) - Best Actor
                                (for Invictus)                    - Best Supporting Actor   
 He got an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay with Ben Affleck for Good Will Hunting

James Dean - 0-2 (for East of Eden and Giant) - Best Actor

He is the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor and remains the only actor to have had two posthumous Best Actor nominations.

John Malkovich - 0-2 (for Places in the Heart and In the Line of Fire) - Best Supporting Actor

Bill Murray - 0-1 (for Lost in Translation) - Best Actor

Paul Giamatti0-1 (for Cinderella Man) - Best Supporting Actor            

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