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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 10 celebrities on The Simpsons

Here is a list of famous personalities on "The Simpsons"-

10) Kathleen Turner - She played the business executive who created Malibu Stacy
 doll which Lisa loves to have.
Episode  –"Lisa v/s Malibu Stacy" .
Character - Stacy Lovell.


9) Jan Hooks - A common personality from Saturday Night Live. Her mix  accent got her the role of  Manjula wife of Appu. Her first appearance was seen as Appu refrained from marrying her.
Episode - "The two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons".
Character – Manjula.

8) Jodie Foster - She portrayed Maggie Simpsons in "Four Great Women". Maggie becomes Maggie Roark from Ayn Rand's "Fountainhead"  as the Simpson family women take up fictional character roles.
Episode – "Four Great Women and a Manicure".
Character - Maggie Simpsons.

7) Steven Hawking - Everyone knows Steven Hawking now days ;so he appeared on the show. He recorded his own lines which is a hard take for him. His appearance was as a member of MENSA.
Episode – “They saved Lisa's brain".
Character - Steven Hawking.

6) Dustin Hoffman - "Rain Man" star and Oscar winner appeared and surprised everyone. He was the substitute teacher for Lisa whom she loves.
Episode – "Lisa's Substitute".
Character -  Mr. Bergstrom .

5) Steve Martin - The comedy star started in the show and he stole the act from Homer as people loved him more. Wit was seen in lines such as-
“Oh, gosh. you know, I'm not much on speeches, but, it's so gratifying to leave you wallowing in the mess you've made. You're screwed. Thank you. Bye.”
Episode – "Trash of the Titans".
Character - Rat Patterson.

4) Michelle Pfeiffer She started as the secret admirer of  Homer. Because she likes his eating and playful attitude. Her lines like
"Can't talk--eating... Well, gotta go. I wanna sneak in a quick nap before lunch." was a treat to listen.
Episode – “The last temptation of Homer”.
Character - Mindy Simmons.

3) Meryl Streep – The Oscar winner played Jessica lovejoy and barts girlfriend. She played her part superbly as the daughter of preacher.
Episode  – “Bart's Girlfriend”.
Character - Jessica Lovejoy.

2) Tony Blair – The fun loving president of  United Kingdom was seen making fun of  his own English accent.
Episode – “The Regina Monologues”.
Character – Tony Blair.

1) Julian Assange – the Wikileaks founder accepted the role to play neoghbour to Simpsons  when they are forced to leave Springsfield. He was good in a brief role as himself.
 Episode – "At Long Last Leave".
Character- Julian Assange .

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