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Saturday, March 3, 2012

World's Annual Sex Expo-Mexico City......

Mexico City holds one of the world's largest Annual Sex Expo. The Catholic Church has expressed their outrage initially but now everything has died down. From the start in 2004 where 80,000 people were present to witness this Expo has had its share of headline.

"The controversy has died down because of the health process in mexico in recent times" states sexologist Eusebio Rubio president in charge from 2005 of the World association for sexual health.

Men and Women audition for porn as porn industry estimates for more than 1 billion dollars. The finalist will show their flick in 5+ hours in the expos website.

This is a 5-day event and thousands are expected to crowd the expo. The event will have sex show, sex toys videos and magazines from Mexico, United States and Europe. This is not only regarding the fun part in sex but also the safety that one should see while having sex. 

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