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Friday, March 2, 2012

10 facts about Jon Bon Jovi

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. was born in New Jersey in 1962. He became famous because of his hit group 'Bon Jovi'.

The US radio station WENN found 10 fascinating facts about the rock icon-

-He states to be a blood relative of the Great Frank Sinatra.

-He has four children aged 7 to 19.

-He has sensitive eyes and struggles in smoky atmospheres and bright sunlight; so he often wears sunglasses. 

-He has allergies and hay fever during spring.

-He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Monmouth University in 2001.

-Philadelphia Soul, a US arena football  league team had him as a majority shareholder.

-'Blaze of glory' was nominated for Oscar and won a golden globe.

-He made 1- million dollar donation to build homes in state of Louisiana after hurricane Katrina ruined the state.

-In 2008 he was elected into new jersey hall of fame for his services top arts and entertainment and humanitarian efforts. 

-His favorite movie is "The Godfather"

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