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Monday, March 5, 2012

Parents to have surrogate child from dead son's semen in Kerala

An elderly couple in Kerala was delighted after the Lok Adalat in the state ruled in favor of them to collect semen of their dead son and to have a surrogate child.

The Thrissur couple Ravi Kumar, 59, casual labor  and Karthiyani ,58, government hospital sweeper lost their son Rathesh last year when he was 28 due to pneumonia.

He was diagnosed with tumor in his testes earlier when he was a student of sound engineering in Banglore. The doctors advised to collect his semen for further use and they did it.

But when the couple approached the clinic, authorities said that a courts ruling can help them have their sons semen.
The couple should get the semen within 3 months as by the Lok Adalat, Kochi's ruling .
They are overjoyed about this verdict and have already met a surrogate mother. Since all these involves high expenses the couple have decided to sell their house and land.

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