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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Big Bang Theory episode recap and review

After not watching "the big bang theory" for a month I finally downloaded the new episode of the show.

Synopsis -Sheldon is with Amy and Howard will soon marry  Bernadette , Penny and Leonard are in a relationship which can be better described as being confused and ultimately Raj has no one.
The episode started with a bang with the four (actually 3) wanting their old school nerdy weekend party which is Star-Wars online game.

Sheldon tries to butter penny in order to be with the gang but it doesn't work out. Sheldon join the group after Amy gives him approval in a car (which was not how Sheldon was suppose to take it).

Penny helps Amy with her girl problem specifically boyfriend problem and the ways to deal with it.
Finally Howard brings his fiancee to the gaming session thus annoying everyone.
Amy tries to make a scene but Raj gets annoyed with all this and tells everyone that he wanted a day for him and his buddies as everyone was busy with their life and girls and he was left alone.

Verdict- Episode was not bad as we see a lot of confirmation like Amy wants Sheldon in her life and Howard and Bernadette are taking the relationship serious. But what really the episode lacked was the half-baked character display of Penny-Leonard relationship. Raj has no girl and his anxiety for a guy's weekend could clearly be seen. So this episode wasn't that bad nor was it good it surely made you laugh like the whip app and Sheldon-Amy conversation in the car; you may not remember the scenes till the next episode is aired.

Gizmos- the WHIP app , Excalibur sword and the Batman Utility Belt &
Cooper Coupons (they are no gadgets but Sheldon has them so they are).

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