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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Myths of 29th February

The legends of - 29th Feb

A day which falls only once in four year brings many myths and traditions with it.

The legend has it’s say that this day was included in calendar to fix a problem; the custom in which a man asks a woman’s hand could be fixed. “St. Bridget had a deal with St .Patrick to make woman propose a man on this day" says Irish  tradition.

Thus any woman can propose marriage to a man in this day. 
29th February came to be known as ‘Bachelors day’.

Queen Margaret of Scotland made it compulsory for man to say ‘Yes’ to a woman’s proposal or to pay fine of 12 gloves ( so that she can hide her hand as not having an engagement ring), money or gown.

There were many postcard’s depicting this traditions.
This ritual  had its prominence till 1950's.

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