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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top 10 tips before and after holi

Holi is celebrated in India amidst great joy. It has people applying color on others body, giving of sweets and obviously the infamous bhang.

But all these happy moments turn black as soon as the holy party is over and we are back to normal errands.
Use traditional colors like gulal which is available in market.

So here are some tips
Before playing Holi-
1) use old clothes and not-so-good clothes for colour splash.

2) use Vaseline in your nails so that there is no accumulation of color or dirt .

3) use cap or a towel to wrap your head as hair may be damaged due to chemicals used.

4) use coconut oil in your head and body to get the slippery feeling and to save oneself from mob attack.

5) use sunglasses or simple eye-glasses to protect your eyes from colors.

6) if you are on voyage then put on your car glass or your vehicle may be damaged.

7) use more of red or pink colours in holi since they are easy to be cleaned.

8) don’t dash against a colored mob or frenzy crowd; keep a safe distance.

9) cover your body in maximum to avoid any harm.

10) cover your eyes and shut your mouth when water is thrown at you.

After playing holi-
1) do wash your body in lukewarm water.

2) don’t use kerosene, removers or strong soap as it may damage your skin.

3) to lighten the color rub lemon and apply oil.

4) don’t rub your body with brushes with hard bristles which can harm your skin.

5) use glycerin, sea salt and oil to reduce chemical effect in colors on ones skin.

But one important note if all these precautions doesn’t help you -

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