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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top 10 holi herbal colors at home

There are many colors which can be made at our homes and is perfectly safe for use

Mix pure mehendi powder with some flour to get a dry green colour. When mixed with water, the paste will leave a slight orange shade on the skin. Dried and crushed Gulmohar (Delonix regia) tree leaves can also be used for green colour.

 Use red Sandalwood powder and add crushed Hibiscus flowers to it.

Take a Beetroot and squeeze to make its juice and add liquid water to make the color hard

Take two spoons of Turmeric powder with double the quantity of Besan and mix. Flowers like amaltas, marigold and black babul can be crushed and mixed with water to get a yellow colored paste.

 'Kattha' - catechu extracted from the Acacia tree can be mixed with water to get a brownish shade. Tea and coffee leaves can be boiled in water to get a dark brown shade.
Black Boil dried fruits of Amla (Indian gooseberry) in a vessel by leaving overnight and dilute with water to use

 Tesu or Palash flowers (Butea monosperma) soaked in water overnight. For better results, flowers can be boiled in water to get a Saffron color.

 Slice or grate one beetroot and soak in a liter of water but for better result boil or leave overnight for a deeper shade. Boil the peels of pink onions in half a liter of water for a Magenta shade.

Dried Jacaranda flowers can be crushed and mixed with water or flour.

Boil amla which is dry and leave it for overnight.

Grate beetroot and soak for magenta but if you boil you will experience a deeper color.


"rang bhirangi holi"

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