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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Amul baby - a buttery sketch

Once on my way to St.Michaels church with my mom a hoarding grabbed my attention .  It was about Anil  Kumbles fractured jaw and the way he lead India to a win. ‘Jaw jeetha vohi sikhandar’  was the tagline (who wins he is the king).

                                                                                                                                                             Sylvester daCunha was hired to design the ad campaign for Amul based on day-to-day-life of common man and to depict it in a satirical way. It was 60’s & 70’s that he started hoarding advertisement which became hugely popular in Mumbai and India.

His ads has not only become a way of common -anger-outlet  before Anna hazare or Kiran bedi started to think about ‘Anti corruption movement’. It was not only his political comments but also his cartoons about  India’s achievements that children, teenagers, working class, housewives and elderly had thoroughly enjoyed . It was not only mere fun but the caricatures made one look upon the system and form a opinion about the same.

 More than a generation has lived with Amul ads and the present generation is living with those and the future holds good for the Amul baby’s wit. The Amul baby a chubby sweet girl is the brand ambassador  of this campaign who represents Indias  AAM AWAAZ (common mans sound).The campaign is the most popular one and has entered Guiness world record for the longest running as campaign in the world.

Another shot from a newspaper describing the Amul girls act going horribly wrong especially with Mamtha Banerjee and other Indian politicians.
Who can talk some sense into Indian Politicians?

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