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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cartoons from 90's and now

Cartoon network was in prominence when I was a school kid. I used to laugh at the antics of Tom and Jerry and Mickey mouse.

Complete my homework to see Pokemon and  Dragonball  Z , read comic strip of The Archies and Phantom from newspaper. Tinkle had its subscription in my house and Supandi, Ramu and Shamu and Shikari Shambu  was my favorite.

My nephew today likes to watch Ben10 which is shown on cartoon network. I don’t understand how it can amaze him? ; it’s about aliens who seems weird and humans . For me the only alien was superman a kryptonite. During my days there were real cartoons which used to keep me on hook like Tintin or Batman animated series.But now there is Chota Bheem and various other characters which seems absurd to a 90's teenager like me.

Ben10 doesn’t have the wit of Tom and Jerry or Mickey , it lacks the premise of Batman or Tintin and the characterization of  Dragonball Z or Pokemon. It has nothing compared to the epic caricatures I used to watch and love .

Ben10 seems to be the cartoon available to this kid as the other cartoons have lost their touch with this generation . The school bags , pencil or lunch boxes all has Ben 10 stickers and posters.
This animations or caricatures are not just a 20 min run but it shapes your imagination and childhood . more than mere drawings talking to me they were my friends chatting

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