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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sex shock- 'The girl with the dragon tattoo’ won't be releasing in India

'The girl with the dragon tattoo’ won’t be releasing in India. An Oscar nominated movie which was keenly looked by ardent Indian movie buffs were left disappointed. The reason are  the 5 sex scenes which are there in movie.

The director David Fincher opposed the Central Board of Film Certifications cuts and Sony pictures issued  a statement that the movie will not be releasing on Feb 10 as earlier planned.  One of  the explanation given by the board was- the characters are nude while having sex( should they be clothed while having sex) .

 A lesbian kiss ,full female frontal ,a graphic sexual torture are the scenes the board has asked to chop off while the director feels that it will harm the movies storyline drastically. A movie of world class standard appreciated by all; depicting trials of a sexually exploited women is not releasing in India where feminist, women activist, women libbers are in prominence. The movie has the protagonist being sexually molested by her guardian and in her grudge rape she puts a rod in his anus and tattoos I AM A RAPIST PIG.

Why can’t the movie be released with A(adults ) certificate? ; it will be watched by only matured audiences above 18 . If the board can pass movies with apparently no logic then why not a movie which is truly a masterpiece?.