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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How i screwed my school days

“How nice boys were they in primary now look at the devils” my primary teacher telling me and my friends when we were seated on ground at the end of our school days.

Fun and fear are the two words which comes to ones mind when a student goes for his last days in school (which is mostly second or third week of jan but in my school it was by jan end) before 10th grade boards. There is no lectures happening  and if any it is like a break because of teachers explaining the ways of writing paper which u might have  known from various sermons at classes(vinayak-which is second school to anthonians ), friends, neighbours, relatives and finally your mom and dad. I was no different and I was having cold feet before 1 month of paper. But this is a incident of how I ruined my last day in uniform not only for me but also for my friends.
Our computer teacher Conly Sequeria was a patient teacher ( I was wrong). The only thing useful about computer  lecture was MS paint . I hated it because my writing is worst than a person suffering from visual agnosia.

 During one of her lectures she took us to computer lab and told us to use paint. I was sharing the computer  with one of the finest artist student hanish shetty . He was unveiling his ganpathi drawing skill which I was appreciating and was busy scribbling my own signature in my notebook.
After a while I saw Sajid (one of my classmate) going outside the lab. I thought of him going to our class and told hanish shetty to move out of  lab as I was feeling bored and that even he was finished doing his work. But little I knew that chirag rakesh,ansten will follow us. We were called for and Conly miss was sitting in her chair with a serious look on her face ; before I could breathe easy she questioned “Who gave you the  permission to leave lab ?”. Everyone was looking at me for an answer and I was dumb and staring & counting computers in the lab.
After sometime she told that Sajid went to pee and he took permission. Our hard luck was waiting she punished us in the worst way possible -to kneel in front of the class which was reduced  to sit on ground after teachers saw our misery .

The supposedly last week of our life in school in which we were punished  and the most embarrassing thing was that not only our subject teachers commented on our ludicrous act but also primary teachers and kids.
I knew that my friends would never forgive me for this act but they never cared about punishment and were enjoying by playing pen fights on ground. I came to know about many startling facts about my friends that day like sweekar likes to leg wrestle (which was shown to us by rakesh).
In these coup we had another chum tushar and he was cool about the punishment. He came and sat with us with absolute delight and was taking the punishment seriously  -he was leaning against the wall , sleeping on floor ,throwing his shoes to others bench and whistling . He was discussing about salaam-e-ishq (a movie released at that time) and was reviewing it.
Most of us were busy with scrapbook and writing sorry letters to the person who they have hurt . I was given back the money which the school compelled us to pay for picnic which I never went. So I told tushar to write a letter (he was one with a exquisite handwriting and mine was like the end result of a crow walking through cow dung) and he did it .
I kept the letter on one pocket and the money on other. Now I told chirag that I have letter in my pocket to which he started to tease me and was making others aware of how foolish I can get. In an attempt to avoid gibe and taunt I took the paper and tore it later to realize it was the money; which was now in bits scattered on floor.

I got to know of many Malayalam words (mostly nasty) to which I had no trace from  mumma. If these would have happened in any other time of my 12 years at school or any other period of year I would say I am a crap do to such a thing but for the last day to end my school voyage with such a mark I would say my fate is crappier than me.

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