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Monday, February 20, 2012

God awaits almighty's blessing

I have seen some of his most glorious innings. He has taught me not to lose hope when your own treats you bad. He has shown how to resurrect not only yourself but also your team in crisis.
I am talking about Sachin Tendulkar. He is considered as GOD by cricket lovers throughout the globe and especially in India .

God thanks Almighty!!!

If you don’t believe me know this; there are temples to his name and people perform pujas and havans  ( prayer rituals) when he bats. He was the best in his act but of lately he has suffered like any human . He is not able to play his usual game. He is aged and other player of his stature and seniority has already retired . But he also proved his mettle in the last world cup by playing some glorious shots and helping India have the cup. He has been part of everything  and record book knows him pretty well for being the highest rungetter in ODI and Test , part of a world cup winning squad and many more . He scored a 200 n.o (not out) against South Africa  thus becoming the only player to score 200 runs in a limited over  format of the game till then(the record was broken by another Indian Sehwag for having 219 against west indies). So he is and will be  best in cricket and there is no comparison about it but that doesn’t mean we can always count on him . The recent tours of Australia shows how vulnerable he is . He is waiting to score his century of century (comprising of both ODI and test) a feat that no one has achieved. 
But why can’t Sachin himself retire or take a sabbatical Indian cricket team will always be happy to have him back . After all God also needs retirement…

India celebrates Sachin's 200- India's leading newpaper frontpage view

Sachin after winning his first World-cup

India prays when Sachin bats

Sachin words “when people throw stones at you, you turn them to milestone” and he has done that throughout  his cricketing carrier.                    
Crowd boos Sachin

Sachin loses his wicket in Australian tour

I will be waiting eagerly to see sachin recreate the magic and display his batting supermacy.....

Sachin not in his prime form

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