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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar's worst performance

"My Sunday is wasted" yelled my dad for more than 2 hours as again his favourite batsman Sachin Tendulkar was out cheaply.
Though we all may argue that it was Bret Lee who came in between the run  today as Sachin was trying to make a steady Indian scorecard but -"What about his other innings in this tour down under?".

During the recent months, Sachin seems to have lost his Midas touch . It has been a while since he played a memorable innings. Thou we try to defend ourselves before the match begins saying that- "he will play to his best today" but things turn sour. We all know "how our batsman struggle in overseas?" . Now we are almost out of tri-series ,so when will Sachin play his natural game and get the most cherished stats for a batsman.

Yes, we and he himself is waiting for that 100 centuries. But its been a while, so why don't he take a sabbatical or rest for some matches to get his act right.
Why is not the board (BCCI)  asking him to skip a few matches like they did for harbhajan singh?
Why is he himself not taking a break?

Doesn't he realize that even he is a reason for our recent losses as one wicket itself matters a lot in terms of  cricket?