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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesus is a Muslim?

I was born as a Catholic and have many Muslim friends as colleagues. Out of the many topics we share once I asked them about their views about Catholics. That is the time when I knew about Jesus' role in Islam .

 Islam and Christianity have the following mindset-

1) respect  Jesus and believe in the words that he lived in the world as being pure .

2) believe that Mary was  Jesus' mother and was god- fearing .

3) declare that  Mary was a virgin and she miraculously conceived Jesus.

4 Jesus performed miracles.

Islam and Christianity differ -

1)  a] Christians asserts that Jesus was born human and is worthy of being worshiped .
     b] Islam believes that Jesus was a prophet  and not god so not to be worshiped . Muslims believe to      worship Allah and not prophets .

2)  a] Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God,.
      b] Muslims believe that God has no children as he is the Almighty. 

3) a] Christians declares that Jesus was crucified. 
     b] Islam states that it does not seem Jesus was crucified but God took him to heaven to be with him.

4)  a]Christians believe that Jesus died in order to save us from original sin of Adam and Eve.
      b] Muslims do not believe in Jesus as a savior, since they do not believe in original sin.

Both the religions have huge masses believing and following them but the beauty of this belief is that how one man –Jesus play a vital role in building both the faiths.

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